Cat Rats from Space Released


cat rats from space

After handing in my Bachelors Thesis (still waiting for review ;)) – I decided to start working my first “Real”-Game. What Game Designer would I be without having a game out there that can be played and hopefully enjoyed by players?!

Since I already work full time for a Berlin based mobile game developer the game needed be simple as possible to keep production time low! I wanted to be sure that I can definately finish and RELEASE it.

Now here it is!

Cat Rats from Space


Week 3


4 Weeks until we want to be feature and content complete. It’s a quite close call but I’m confident that we can make it. Most of our tools and pipelines will be up and running soon to ensure a smooth workflow for everyone. While at the same time we are slowly transitioning into a production phase.


Inspired by Disney’s Hercules we have settled on an ancient greek setting where the main character is sisyphos fleeing from a giant rock which is always close to crushing him. The first mockups for the scene and overall style are currently beeing created. Here is a collection of the current ideas including some assets we took directly from the movie.





Functionality of the prototype is growing too. We have quick & and easy solution working with PHP and MySQL for a unique identification for the player as well as the option to create a new player on the device. Although the Gameplay and Flow Implementation is still in the first prototypes we’re already building the tools and levels in different scenes and will wire everything together as soon as it runs stable. This might be a risk of course, but we want to get going first and get some stuff done and not iterate on pipelines, workflows and the proccess of managing all the assets longer than needed.



Let’s make a game!

This site will be our development Blog for our Endless-Runner Android-Game, project name “Life Cycle”. We’re already in the middle of the development, so it’s hard to write everything up that has happend so far. So the first post, is more of a summary of the team, the project and our goals.

The Game
In July 2013 I had the idea of an endless runner inside of a wheel – just like an hamster. I was able to quickly convert this idea into a playable prototype. After that, I iterated on that prototype until I felt I had got the mechanics working quite well and that this could actually go into some sort of production. But I couldn’t do it alone. My fellow friends and Game Designer mates, Semjon Leinweber and Matthias Zündorf, would be the right match to level this project to the next stage! Fortunately they are willing to spend some of their precious time on this project – so now we 3 are working on this title, aiming at the 24.12.2013 as a release date.
If – for some reason – you happen to land on this site, please feel free, please download and play the game (Android) and tell us what’s wrong or maybe even good, about it!



One of the very first versions of the prototype!

Current State
What we have got:

  1. A working core mechanic (yay)
  2. Great Ideas for Story & Style

Next Steps

  1. Defining Style
  2. Polishing core mechanic


About Us
We’re a group of 3 young Game Designers, attempting to develop a small polished game to mobile platforms within a few months of development time. We know each other from our Game Design studies at the .
We’ve worked together for other 2 years now and although we are lacking professionell game development experience, we feel that have what it takes to deliver a great game!
Our latest completed project is Luna, made in Unity3D. Before that, we worked on a Unreal3 Multiplayer shooter (Metal Funpark), a Platformer in Unity3d, and – in our first semester – even a cool Platformer in “Processing” (jetpork a PIG with a JETPACK! – a java sdk.