Week 3


4 Weeks until we want to be feature and content complete. It’s a quite close call but I’m confident that we can make it. Most of our tools and pipelines will be up and running soon to ensure a smooth workflow for everyone. While at the same time we are slowly transitioning into a production phase.


Inspired by Disney’s Hercules we have settled on an ancient greek setting where the main character is sisyphos fleeing from a giant rock which is always close to crushing him. The first mockups for the scene and overall style are currently beeing created. Here is a collection of the current ideas including some assets we took directly from the movie.





Functionality of the prototype is growing too. We have quick & and easy solution working with PHP and MySQL for a unique identification for the player as well as the option to create a new player on the device. Although the Gameplay and Flow Implementation is still in the first prototypes we’re already building the tools and levels in different scenes and will wire everything together as soon as it runs stable. This might be a risk of course, but we want to get going first and get some stuff done and not iterate on pipelines, workflows and the proccess of managing all the assets longer than needed.




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